About Shelby County, Ohio Area 

Welcome to Shelby County Ohio!  The community was established in the early 1800’s and the name Shelby was chosen after an American Revolution hero, General Isaac Shelby.

Shelby County makes up approximately 420 square-miles and is home to nearly 48,000 individuals.  Agriculture and industry play a vital role in the communities stability and such factories as Copeland and Emerson Electric are the base for the economy.

The county is made up of 14 townships, eight villages including Anna, Botkins, Fort Loramie, Kettlersville, Lockington, Port Jefferson, Jackson Center, and Russia, and the city of Sidney.  Shelby County offers an idyllic lifestyle that many find desirable!  It is indeed a great place to live and work.  Local residents, as well as those living in the surrounding communities can take advantage of the many strengths including the low cost of living, employment opportunities, educational facilities, recreational / leisure enjoyments, and more!

Sidney is the County Seat.  It is the largest municipality of Shelby County and populates a total of 20,000 residents.  “At first glance, Sidney appears to be a small midwestern town, however it is rich in history beginning at the court square in the center of the town”.  Sidney, Ohio’s downtown location has been noticed on the National Registry of Historic Places because of its cultural and historic nature we like to call the “heart of the community”. 

There are a number of historic buildings still standing, still in use, and open for tours today among other historical markings throughout Sidney, Ohio – The Monumental Building is located on the Southwest Corner of the square and The Ross Historical Center is to the north of the courthouse.

The city of Sidney’s Tawawa Civic Park is the largest of the city park system on the eastern side.  The park is a wooded reserve with areas for hiking, fishing, and family picnicking .  Aside from the lovely Tawawa Civic Park, there is another 400 acres of park grounds including multiple baseball, softball, and soccer complexes and a municipal swimming pool. 

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