Dayton Ohio

"The Sky's The Limit" & "The City's A Gem"

 Dayton Ohio  

They say “the sky’s the limit” in the city of Dayton, Ohio; once home to Wilbur and Orville Wright (two brothers known for invention, innovation, and aviation)!

Not only does Dayton attract long-term residents or individuals relocating job sites, the location is ideal for tourists, especially aviation fanatics.  “A steady stream of aviation enthusiasts from around the globe can be found at the National Museum of the United States Air Force”.  Totaling over 17 acres of indoor exhibiting space are over 300 aircraft and missiles among other aviation memorabilia telling the story of the infamous Wright Brothers.  However, if your reasoning for visiting isn’t “up in the air”, the surrounding area of Dayton leaves you a number of other things to partake in.

Today, Dayton, Ohio is the bustling city, a city that never sleeps per say! Beneath the soaring horizon, discover a location very well populated and offering its residents a multitude of attractions, cultural & art exhibits, shopping venues, sporting events, beautiful parks, and gourmet dining to casual corner café’s.  Daytime activities belie the nightlight throughout!

Friendly communities, prime real estate, diversified housing, excellent school systems, and broad spectrum of business and industry is what makes this area attractive.  Dayton is located in Southwestern Ohio and is situated within the Miami Valley Region just north of the Greater Cincinnati area.  Dayton is the county seat for Montgomery County and it is a large metropolitan area encompassing the areas of Vandalia, Trotwood, Centerville, and Beavercreek among other cities and townships with a total population nearing 1 million proving Dayton, Ohio to be a fabulous place to reside.

Dayton has years of history!  It is very well established and has many successful businesses with a strong background in technology and innovation.  Manufacturing, engineering, plastics, aerospace, research & development, medical, professional, and even retail are just the beginning on the employment spectrum!  Why?  “In order to grow and thrive, a region must offer a diverse and skilled workforce that meets the rigorous demands of today’s competitive world of business”. Miami County Economic Development Department 

Dayton Schools Mission:  “To Guarantee a quality education for every student, every day”!  There are over 250 schools, 91 public school districts, and 86 private schools.  Get your child’s academic career off to a right start.  The Dayton schools have a student population of approximately 125,000.  Read More…  Post High School Education can be sought of some of the finest colleges throughout the Dayton Area including the University of Dayton, Wright State University, and or Sinclair Community College.

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